Lisa Naomi Mulman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Salem State University


".the value I want to recommend today is precisely this: In an age when other fantastically speedy, widespread media are triumphing, and running the risk of flattening all communication into a single, homogeneous surface, the function of literature is communication between things that are different simply because they are different, not blunting but even sharpening the differences between them, following the true bent of written language."  Italo Calvino 

 Lisa Naomi Mulman is an Associate Professor of English Literature at Salem State University, where she teaches a variety of courses in the areas of Twentieth Century British and European Literature, Literary Theory, Judaic Literature, World Literature, and the Graphic Novel.  She is the former Coordinator of the Graduate Program in English at Salem State, and is currently serving on the Academic Board of the newly formed Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.  Her publications include the recent book Modern Orthodoxies:  Judaic Imaginative Journeys of the Twentieth Century (Routledge, 2012) as well as contributions to several edited volumes.  

In April 2014, she will be presenting her research alongside that of artist Yeshai Judisiman as part of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Speaker Series at Salem State University.  Click here for more information